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Centrair Pegase 101



Centrair developed the Marc Ranjon designed standard class Pegase after manufacturing the 15m racing class Schleicher AS-W 20 under license. The fuselage is similar to the AS-W, and the wing is all new, with a new profile. The Pegase has a larger diameter tail boom for strength, and there is considerable modification in the wing-to-fuselage fairing.

Three Pegase models were produced, the A with glass fiber and the B with carbon fiber mainspar. The B was superseded by the improved D model. The B and D have a slightly different wing airfoil, and significantly higher gross weight and greater provision for water ballast. The D has a claimed best L/D of 42 at 105 kph/ 57 kt/ 65 mph.
All versions can be flown with or without winglets.

The 101 Club is a simplified variant of the Standard Class Pegase designed for club use with a non- retractable main wheel and no provision for water ballast.

Pegase 101 A, B & D and Club
Wing span: 15m / 49.2ft
Wing area: 10.5sq.m / 113sq.ft
Empty Weight: 251kg / 553lb
Payload: 204kg / 450lb
Gross Weight: 455kg / 1003lb
Wing Load: 43.33kg/sq.m  / 8.87lb/sq.ft
Water Ballast: 160kg / 353lb
Aspect ratio: 21.4
Airfoil: COAP 1-2
Structure: fiberglass and carbon fiber
L/DMax: 41
MinSink: 0.60 m/s / 1.96 fps / 1.16 kt
No. of Seats: 1


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