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Caudron C.690




A fighter-trainer based on the Coupe Deutsche de la Meurthe racers of 1933-35, the C.690 was the first of a series of little Caudron fighters which were among the most successful light fighters of the period between the World Wars. Powered by a six-cylinder inline air-cooled Renault of 240 hp, the C.690 had fixed spatted landing gear and length greater than the span. One machine-gun could be fitted. Subsequent developments in the series, which included the C.710, C.713 Cyclone, C.714 and Caudron--Renault C.760, were brought to a halt by the German occupation of France in 1940.

Fifteen C 690Ms were built as advanced trainers for the Armee de I'Air.

Engine: Renault, 240 hp
Span: 7.75 m (25 ft 5 in)
Length: 7.85 m (25 ft 9 in)
Gross weight: 990 kg (2185 1b)
Maximum speed: 370 km/h (229 mph)







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