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Caproni-Campini N.1 (CC.2)



The en-gineer Secondo Campini had created a company in 1931 to pursue research into reaction propulsion and in 1939 persuaded Caproni to build an aircraft for an adaptation of an Isotta-Fraschini radial engine driving a ducted-fan compressor. The compressed air was exhausted through a variable-area nozzle in the aircraft's extreme tail, and additional fuel could be ignited in the tailpipe to increase thrust.

The N1 became a large aircraft design piloted by two personnel. It was a low-wing monoplane with a traditionally-designed empennage and a single vertical tail surface. The intake was open at the extreme forward position and exhaust jettisoned at the extreme rear of the aircraft. Landing gear was powered and fully retractable. Keeping with early "jet" designs of the time, wings were straight-wings and featured the distinct smooth curves of piston engine fighter designs. The N1 would achieve a top speed of only 233 miles per hour.

The two-seat low-wing N1 (sometimes referred to as the CC.2) was first flown at Taliedo on 28 August 1940 by Mario de Bernadi. A number of set-piece demonstration flights was undertaken, including one of 270 km (168 miles) from Taliedo to Guidonia at an average speed of 209 km/h (130 mph). It was clear from the outset that use of a three-stage fan-compressor driven by a piston engine would limit further development, and the experiment was abandoned early in 1942 when Italy was faced with more serious priorities. The N1 survives in the Museo della Scienza Technica at Milan as a monument to ingenuity if not sophisticated technology.

Engine: one 900-hp (671-kW) Isot-ta-Fraschini radial piston engine driving a three-stage ducted-fan compressor.
Wing span: 15.85 m (52 ft 0 in)
Length 13.10 m (43 ft 0 in)
Wing area: 36.00 sq.m (387.51 sq.ft)
Empty Weight: 8,025lbs (3,640kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 9,248lbs (4,195kg)
Maximum Speed: 233mph / 375kmh / 202kts
Service Ceiling: 13,123ft / 4,000m
Crew: 2


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