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Caproni Ca.311 / Ca.312




The Ca 311 differed from its predecessor in having the "stepped" windscreen replaced by a more extensively glazed Blenheim I-style dose section (although the second production series, the Ca 311M (Modificato) reverted to a stepped canopy rather like that later adopted for the Ca 314), and the Ca 312 was a version with 630-h.p. Piaggio P.XVI R.C.35 radials.
Caproni Ca.311M
Defensive armament was a Caproni Lanciani turret with a single 7.7mm machine-gun, and one machine-gun in the port wing root and another firing aft through a ventral hatch.
Caproni Ca.311
The Ca 312M possessed a similar nose to that of the Ca 311, the Ca 312bis was a twin-float seaplane variant, and the Ca 312-1S was an experimental torpedo floatplane. The Ca 313 was a further development of the Ca 311 with two 650-h.p. Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C.35 engines which was used in limited numbers on the Russian Front.
Engines: 2 x Piaggio P.VIII C.35, 470 hp



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