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Caproni Ca.100 / KN-1



The Ca 100 has a lower wing of noticeably greater span than the upper wing, and about 700 aircraft were built from 1929. The type was bought by civil as well as military operators, and was flown with an assortment of engines including the original Gipsy, 63-kW (85-hp) Fiat A.50, 67-kW (90-hp) Blackburn Cirrus Minor, 86-kW (115-hp) Isotta Fraschini Asso 808, and 108-kW (145-hp) Colombo S.63.

Built by Macchi, the Ca 100 Idro was a twin-float seaplane trainer, and there was also a bomber trainer with a 97-kW (130-hp) radial engine and provision for a quartet of light bombs. The type was built under licence in Bulgaria as the KN-1, and also in Peru.

Ca 100
two-seat primary trainer.
Engine: l x de Havilland Gipsy, 63kW (85hp).
Span: 10m (32ft l0in).
Length: 7.30m (23ft 1.25in).
Max T/O weight: 680 kg (1,499 lb).
Max speed: 102mph at sea level.
Operational range: 435 miles.


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