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Caproni Ca.60



Caproni’s Ca.60 had three sets of triplane wings arranged in tandem on top of a hull. Eight 400-hp Liberty engines, four pushing, four pulling, were supposed to make the thing fly, and provision was made for engineers to walk along the extended nacelles to attend the motors in flight.




This craft was launched on Lake Maggiore on 21 January 1921 in the presence of the American Ambassador to Italy, his country having supplied its engines. The first trial hop in March confirmed that the craft was unstable longi-tudinally. Test pilot Semprini, with sand-bags representing a load of 60 passengers, managed to coax the aircraft to 20 m (66 ft) before its nose dipped and dived into the lake and broke up. Semprini was fished out and the wreck was salvaged for rebuilding. A fire conveniently destroyed its remains before the work was completed, whereupon Count Caproni decided that enough was enough.

Engines: 8 x Liberty 400-hp.


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