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Cant Z.1018 Leone



Concurrently with development of the production models of the Alcione, Zappata was engaged on the development of the twin- engined Z.1018, the first of several prototypes of which flew in 1939.



The Z.1018 broke away from previous C.R.D.A. practice in featuring metal construction, although one of two Piaggio P.VII- powered prototypes tested an alternative wooden fuselage. Several types of engines were installed in the prototypes, one having Piaggio P.XV radials, another having Alfa Romeo 135 R.C.32 radials, and yet another having Daimler-Benz DB 605 engines. Some prototypes had twin fin and rudder assemblies, but a single unit was adopted far the production model which, powered by 1,400-h.p. Atfa Romeo 135 R.C.32 radials, began to appear in service in 1943 but was too late to participate extensively in the air war prior to ltaly's collapse.






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