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Cant Z.1007 Alcione



The Alcione (Kingfisher) was an Italian bomber of the Second World War, designed by the CRDA Cant, it was the company's first landplane, and stemmed directly from the Z.506 Airone. The pro-totype, flown in late 1937, had three Asso liquid-cooled engines in annular cowls, but all production machines had radials, usually the 1000-hp Piaggio P.XIbis RC40.


First prototype of the Z.1007


Of all-wooden construction, the Alcione had a long bomb bay under the wing able to carry up to 2000 (4410 lb). There were manual gun positions at front and rear of this bay (often the front position was used solely for bomb-aiming) and most Alciones had a dorsal turret and two beam guns. The guns were at first all 7.7 mm, but by 1940 the dorsal and ventral guns were 12.7 mm. When Italy entered the war in 1940 there were 87 in service, and the type was being built by Cant, Piaggio and IMAM Meridionali. In 1941 the Z.1007bis appeared, with the fuselage 244 cm (96 in) longer, span 83 cm (33 in) greater and stronger landing gear. Many of these had twin fins.




The Alcione operated from Tunisia to the Soviet Union, often carrying two 450-mm (1000-lb) torpedoes or in the strategic recon-naissance role. A few Z.1007ter, with 1175 hp Piaggio P.XIX engines, entered service in 1942. Cant tried to improve performance by fitting the 1500-hp Piaggio P.XIX engine, and at the very end of Italian participation in the war produced the Z.1018 Leone (Lion).

CANT Z.1007bis Alcione (Kingfisher)

Engines: 3 x Piaggio P.XI RC.40 radial piston, 1,000 horsepower
Length: 60.20ft (18.35m)
Wing span: 81.36ft (24.80m)
Wing area: 807.300 sqft / 75.0 sqm
Wing load: 37.31 lb/sq.ft / 182.00 kg/sq.m
Height: 17.13ft (5.22m)
Maximum Speed: 301mph (485kmh; 262kts)
Maximum Range: 1,115miles (1,795km)
Range (max. weight): 945 nm / 1750 km
Service Ceiling: 24,606ft (7,500m; 4.7miles)
Armament: 3 x 12.7mm Scotti OR SAFAT heavy machine gun, 2 x 7.7mm SAFAT machine guns
Up to 2,645lbs of internal stores and up to 2,200lbs of external stores OR 2 x 1,800lb torpedoes.
Accommodation: 5
Hardpoints: 2
Empty Weight: 20,715lbs (9,396kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight: 30,029lbs (13,621kg)


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