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Cant Z.506 Airone




The Z.505 was developed into Z.506 (1936), built as reconnaissance/ bomber/ASR for Regia Aeronautica (Z.506B Airone) and as commercial transport for Italian airlines (Z.506A and C). Designed and produced by the C.R.D.A. the Z.506B Airone tri-motor, twin-float reconnaissance-bomber seaplane which was developed in 1936 as a military version of the Z.506 commercial floatplane (the Z.509 was a further commercial development differing from the Z.506 in having 1000-h.p. radials), and the Monfalcone factory had produced ninety-five Z.506B float-planes by the time Italy entered the war.
Production began in 1935 and, with accommodation for up to 16 passengers, the type served with Ala Littoria and with the military.Production was subsequently undertaken by Piaggio as a landplane version.
CANT Z.506 prototype I-CANT set several international seaplane records in 1936 before being delivered to the Italian Air Ministry as MM291.
The Z.506B was employed primarily far maritime reconnaissance, bombing and torpedo attacks on shipping around Italy's coasts. The Z.506S was an ambulance and air-sea rescue version built by Piaggio. The Airone largely replaced the earlier Z.501 single-engined high-wing flying- boat, although some of these obsolescent machines were operated throughout the war.





CRDA Cant C. 506 Airone
Engine: 3 x Alfa Romeo 126 RC 34, 740 hp
Length: 63.156 ft / 19.25 m
Height: 24.278 ft / 7.4 m
Wingspan: 86.942 ft / 26.5 m
Wing area: 936.468 sqft / 87.0 sqm
Max take off weight: 27121.5 lbs / 12300.0 kg
Weight empty: 18301.5 lbs / 8300.0 kg
Max. speed: 197 kts / 365 km/h
Cruising speed: 175 kts / 325 km/h
Service ceiling: 26247 ft / 8000 m
Wing load: 28.91 lb/sq.ft / 141.0 kg/sq.m
Range: 1482 nm / 2745 km
Armament: 2x MG 7,7mm , 1x MG 12,7mm, 1200kg Bomb. / Torp.


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