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Gabardini Sa
Aeronautica Gabardini SA
Costruzioni Aeronautiche Novaresi SA

Gabardini Sa manufactured a 80 hp rotary-engined two-seat monoplane at Novara in 1913, used for a non-stop flight between Milan and Venice. Company subsequently opened factory at Cameri in 1914 to build a military version of this monoplane, powered by a smaller engine. Also built biplane trainers. Nothing more heard of company until it produced a two-seat light cabin monoplane, the Lictor 90, in 1935.

Name of Costruzioni Aeronautiche Novaresi SA assumed May 1,1936 by former Aeronautica Gabardini SA. Head office and factory at Cameri; began with repair and maintenance work on aircraft and engines. First product was C.5 single-engined one/two-seat training biplane (Fiat or Alfa Romeo engine), built in some numbers in late 1930s for civil market. The C.6 was a less successful development. CANSA then became subsidiary of Fiat, producing small numbers of F.C.12 fighter/trainer monoplane (first flown 1940) and also the F.C.20 twin-engined ground- attack aircraft.

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