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Chantiers Aero-Maritimes de la Seine

Chantiers Aero-Maritimes de la Seine founded 1921, specializing in production of marine aircraft; technical director and chief designer from 1927 was Maurice Hurel. Best-known products were flying-boats; CAMS 33, built 1923-1926 originally for the Schneider Trophy race; CAMS 37 for shipborne observation/patrol; and the CAMS 51, 53 and 55 family, of which the CAMS 55 was a patrol bomber.

Company acquired in 1933 by Societe des Avions et Moteurs Henry Potez. Factories at Sartrouville and Vitrolles nationalized in 1937.

Les Mureaux, CAMS, and part of Breguet formed SNCAN in 1938.


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