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Cameron & Sons Aircraft P-51



The P-51 is a full size Carbon Fiber Mustang manufactured by Cameron and Son’s Aircraft. This aircraft is available with a 1450 hp turbine, or can be fitted with a Rolls Merlin. It is capable of speeds in the mid 400mph range. There are three options on the canopy, the standard P-51D, a 9ft bubble, or a low profile racing canopy. Also available are standard P-51D wing tips. The cockpit features dual controls. The kit is built from 12 major components, making it the fewest part count aircraft of its kind.

Cruise: 420 mph
Stall: 87 mph
Range: 580 sm
Rate of climb: 420 fpm
Takeoff dist: 1250 ft
Landing dist: 1750 ft
Engine: Allison , 1750 hp
HP range: 1150-3500 hp
Fuel capacity: 250 USG
Empty weight: 4500 lb
Gross weight: 6000 lb
Length: 36 ft
Wing span: 37 ft
Wing area: 233 sq.ft
Seats: 2
Landing gear: tailwheel



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