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Burnelli Aircraft Corp


Founded 1920, the Remington-Burnelli Airliner was produced in that year. Vincent Burnelli concentrated on the development of fuselage structures which would contribute some degree of lift, augmenting that of the wing.
Uppercu-Burnelli Aircraft Corp formed 1930 to develop the theories of Vincent Bumelli on aerofoil-shaped fuselage structures; occupied the former Aeromarine Plane & Motor Company plant at New Jersey. First project was Model 101 high-speed twin-engined transport developed from earlier Remington-Burnelli Airliner projects, the 1920 RB-2,1927 CU-16 and 1929 UB-20. Subsequently became the Bumelli Aircraft Corporation.
The Burnelli VB-14B transport of 1936 could accommodate a crew of two and 14 passengers in a fuselage which was virtually an integral part of the wing.
In 1935 the assets of Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co were sold to Burnelli Aircraft Corp.


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