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The Swallow design sterns directly from the German Klemm monoplanes first flown in 1927. Their popularity spread to Britain and thirty were sold there by 1933. They were comfortable and safe, if slow, aircraft, and the demand prompted Major E. F. Stephen of S. T. Lea Ltd, who had the selling rights, to produce a strengthened version with Salmson or Pobjoy engines.

He formed the British Klemm Aeroplane Company Limited at Hanworth in 1953 and by the end of that year the prototype, G-ACMK, powered by the Salmson A.D.9 radial, had flown. This and the following 27 aircraft were known as B.K. Swallows. In 1935, the year the company changed its name to the British Aircraft Manufacturing Co, a new version appeared. It closely resembled the B.K. Swallow but was more angular in appearance, with all the curves straightened in the wings, rudder, tailplane and fuselage top decking. Most of these B.A. Swallow 2s were powered by Pobjoy Cataract engines and G-AFGE was the 71st and last Pobjoy Swallow built. A further version, the Cirrus engined Swallow 2, was produced in large numbers prior to WW2.

The Swallow 2 of 1937 was the last of the Pobjoy-engined aircraft.

Swallow II
Engine: Cirrus Minor.

British-Klemm L25C-1A Swallow
Engine: Pobjoy Cataract II, 85 hp
Max speed: 104 mph
Cruise speed: 90 mph
Absolute ceiling: 17,000 ft
Range: 420 miles
Price 1934: £695



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