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BAe J41 Jetstream

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Development work on the Jetstream 41 was announced in mid-1989. A stretched development of the Jetstream 31/32 regional aircraft family by BAE Systems, the J41’s structural changes included an increase of 4.88m in length of the semi-monocoque aluminium alloy fuselage. The fuselage stretch is througha 2.51-m forward plug and a 2.36-m stretch behind the wing. The increase in length allows for 29 passenger seats, compared with the 19 typically fitted to the J31. The wingspan has been increased to 18.29 m, the ailerons and flaps have been reworked, and the entire wing has been mounted lower on the fuselage to remove the spar from the interior cabin floor. This led to a redesign of the engine mounts to increase ground clearance for the McCauley propellers, and the distance between the fuselage and the engines has also been increased. As a result, the cabin is quieter than the J31. The fuel system consists of two integral wing tanks and has the capacity for 5,818 lb (2,639 kg) of Jet Al. Both the main undercarriage and the nose gear are for-ward retracting and are fitted with twin wheels. Anti-skid three-rotor steel brakes are also installed.

The J41 is designed to operate to and from runways as short as 1219m. The aircraft can operate from a runway at 5,000 ft elevation at temperatures of ISA +20 with a full load for at least a one-hour sector with IFR reserves.

Four “glass” screens of the Honeywell EDZ-805 EFIS (electronic flight instrument system) grace the cockpit and the flight deck instrumentation also includes a Honeywell SPZ-4500 fully digital automatic flight control system with an AH-600 attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), an AZ-810 air data computer and a Honeywell Primus II digital radio communications system with dual transponders.

The J41 first flew on 25 September 1991 and 104 J41 aircraft were built before production was terminated in May 1997. Over 90 Jetstream 41s world-wide remained operational in 2003.

Engines: 2 x Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal) TPE331-14GR/HR turboprop, 1650 shp.
Props: five-bladed, constant speed McCauley 114 in (2.9m).
MTOW: 24,000 lb (10,886 kg).
Max ldg wt: 23,300 lbs (10,569 kg).
Max Zero fuel wt: 21,400 lbs (9707 kg).
Operating empty wt: 14,957 lbs (6784 kg).
Max payload: 6900 lbs (3130 kg).
Maximum cruise: 295 knots.
Range: 770 nm.
Seats: 30.
Wing span: 60 ft 5 in (19.25 m).
Length: 63 ft 2 in (19.25m).
Height: 18 ft 10 in (5.74m).
Cabin lenght: 31 ft 4 in (9.55m).
Cabin height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78m).
Cabin width: 6 ft 1 in (1.85m).
Max cabin differential: 5.7 psi.
Sea level cabin alt: 12,000 ft.
Cabin alt @ 26,000 ft: 8,000 ft.
Fuel cap: 5,818 lb (2,639 kg).
Serv-ice ceiling: 26,000 ft.



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