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British Aerial Transport Co. (BAT)

Founded in 1917 by Samuel Waring in premises previously occupied by the Joucques Aviation Company. The British Aerial Transport Company's chief designer was Frederick Koolhoven, formerly with Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Company Ltd. His first design for the new company was the BAT F.K.22 Bat, a small single-seat fighter. Failure of the ABC Mosquito engine for which it was designed resulted in a new and smaller aircraft being created, the F.K.23 Bantam, powered by the ABC Wasp. Only nine production aircraft were built, and none saw wartime. Other BAT designs included the F.K.24 Baboon, F.K.25 Basilisk and, finally, the F.K.26, a civil transport aircraft with accommodation for four passengers, of which only four were built. The F.K.27 was a single side-by-side, two-seat variant of the Bantam. When the company went bankrupt in 1919, its assets were distributed between Alliance Aeroplane Company Ltd. and Nieuport & General Aircraft Company, also founded by Samuel Waring.


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