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Briegleb BG-7

Sailplane Corporation of America BG-7



Designed by William G. Briegleb, the BG-7 was developed in 1940 by adding longer, tapered wings to the BG-6. Most have spoilers fitted, which the BG-6 lacked. Modifications were common, frequently in the cockpit area. The added span created some directional instabillity, so many BG-7s had the rear fuselage lengthened or area added to the vertical fin.


Mr Briegleb's firm re-introduced construction of the BG 6 and BG 7 as a plans-only service to homebuilders, and by the beginning of 1978 59 sets of BG 6 plans and 29 sets of the BG 7 had been sold.

Wing span: 12.27m / 40.25ft
Wing area: 11.43sq.m / 123sq.ft
Empty Weight: 113kg / 250lb
Payload: 113kg / 250lb
Gross Weight: 226kg / 500lb
Wing Load: 19.77kg/sq.m / 4.1lb/sq.ft
No. of Seats: 1
L/DMax: 20 at 64 kph/ 35 kt/ 40 mph
MinSink: 0.88 m/s / 2.9 fps / 1.70 kt
Aspect ratio: 13.1
Airfoil: NACA 4412
Structure: 2-Strut-braced, 2-spar, wood/fabric wings; metal/fabric tail; steel-tube/ fabric fuselage



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