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Breguet Br.1050 Alize




Initially a Breguet design known as the Br.960 "Vultur" and designed as a conventional strike aircraft, the Br.960 grew into the Br.965 as French Navy requirements changed. The resulting Br.965 later became the definitive anti-submarine warfare system designated as the Br.1050 Alize (Tradewind).

Breguet received a development contract in 1954 for a three-seat ASW version. Power was provided by a 2,100 eshp Rolls-Royce Dart turbo-prop, and the first Dart-powered prototype flew on 6 October 1956 followed by five pre-production aircraft.


The Br.1050 is a most distinct-looking aircraft, particularly in the design of the nose assembly. A crew of three monitors the various systems aboard the craft and the wings are designed to be carrier-friendly and fold for storage.
Fuel is in four tanks in the inner wings and one fuselage tank, with a total capacity of 462 Imp.Gal. There was provision for a 105 Imp.Gal auxiliary tank.
The Alize carried three depth charges or a torpedo in the internal weapon bay, sonobuoys in the wheel housings, and more depth charges, rockets, or two AS.12 air‑to-­surface missiles on under-fuselage/wing stations. The racks under the inner wings hold two depth charges of up to 385 lb each.

Orders for 75 production Alizes were placed by the French Navy and the first was officially delivered on 20 May 1959. Sixty-five were in service by May 1961. Two French Navy squadrons operated Alizes on board the carriers Foch and Clemenceau.



A further contract for Alizes was received subsequently from the Indian Navy and 12 were delivered, plus two ex-French aircraft.




Breguet Br 1050 Alizé
Engine: Rolls Royce Dart R Da 21, 2100 shp, 1450kW
Length: 45.505 ft / 13.87 m
Height: 14.993 ft / 4.57 m
Wingspan: 51 ft 2 in / 15.6 m
Wing area: 36.0 sq.m / 387.50 sq ft
Max take off weight: 18081.0 lb / 8200.0 kg
Empty weight: 5700 kg / 12566 lb
Max. speed: 243 kts / 450 km/h / 292 mph at 10,000 ft
Cruise speed: 370 km/h / 230 mph
Service ceiling: 20505 ft / 6250 m
Range: 1550 nm / 2870 km
Maximum Range: 1,785miles (2,872km)
Max endurance w/aux fuel: 7 hr 40 min at 150 mph
Crew: 3
1 x Tordedo or 3 x Depth Charges (held in an internal bay)
2 x Depth Charges (externally held)
6 x RP or 2 x air-to-surface missiles (underwing)
Hardpoints: 8





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