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Breguet Bre.16




At the same as the Breguet 16 was being developed, a two-seat fighter, a version of the Breguet 14, was being built. It had originally been on the drawing board back in 1916, and had been submitted to the STAe for consideration. Rejected by them, the design had stayed on the drawing board, but the requirement for a long-range escort fighter at the beginning of 1918 caused it to be resurrected.
An enlarged version of the Breguet 14 appeared at the beginning of 1918, the Breguet 16 Bn2. This was designed for use as night-bomber, and the increased wingspan of 17m enabled it to carry sufficient fuel for long missions, as well as armament for major attacks.
The Breguet 16 had three pairs of inter-plane struts either side instead of two, and differently shaped vertical tail surfaces.

Maximum bomb load was 550kg. Breguet 16s remained in service in Morocco and Syria until March 1927.



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