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Breguet Br 5 / Br2 5 Ca2



The Breguet Br.M5 series of biplane bomber was developed from the Breguet Br.M4 late in 1915 and was regarded by the Aviation Militaire as a two-seat escort fighter or reconnaissance-fighter. The Br.M5 was operated by a crew of two with the pilot seated in the middle of the aircraft and the gunner/observer to the front. Powered was either a Renault 12Fb 12-cylinder water-cooled 220 horsepower engine or a Rolls-Royce Eagle of 250 hp .The engine sat behind the crew area - directly behind the pilot and was a pusher driving a two-blade propeller. Design was with a bathtub-like fuselage, a static tricycle landing gear array and framework and cables leading out to the empennage. A single vertical tail surface completed the design.

In action, the Br.M5 was fielded primarily as a night bomber and used by both the French and English forces from 1916-1917 though it first appeared in the summer of 1915. The Type 5 fighter, or Bre 5 Ca2, never equipped a complete escadrille, a few aircraft of this type being issued to each of the units operating the Bre 5 B2 bomber version, for which it was expected to act as escort. Armament comprised a 37mm Hotchkiss cannon on a flexible mounting in the forward cockpit and a rear-firing 7.7mm Lewis gun on an elevated mounting over the leading edge of the upper wing. Eleven Type 5 fighters were operational with the Aviation Militaire by 1 February 1916, but the type was generally unpopular.

Breguet Br.M5
Engine: 1 x Renault 12Fb, 220hp or 1 x Rolls-Royce Eagle, 250hp.
Wingspan: 17.50 m / 57 ft 5 in
Length: 9.90 m / 33 ft 6 in
Height: 3.90 m / 12 ft 8 in
Wing area: 57.70 sq.m / 621.08 sq ft
Take-off weight: 1890 kg / 4167 lb
Empty weight: 1350 kg / 2976 lb
Max. speed: 133 km/h / 83 mph
Service Ceiling: 11,483ft (3,500m; 2.2miles)
1 x 7.7mm Lewis machine gun or 1 x 37mm cannon in forward observer/gunner position.
Accommodation: 2
Hardpoints: 2





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