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Louis Breguet, founder of Societe Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Breguet in 1911, was a French pioneer of rotary-wing flight. The aircraft built by the Breguet brothers lifted a man off the ground on September 29,1907, but did not constitute a free flight. BU3 biplane bomber prototype of 1915 built under subcontract by Edouard and Andre Michelin as Breguet-Michelin BUM. Improved SN3 entered production with Michelin 1916 as BUC. Breguet 14 tractor biplane of 1917 was a significant French wartime bomber. Its successor, the Breguet 19 of 1921, remained in service until 1936. One specially prepared Breguet 19 (Question Mark), flown by Costes and Bellonte, made first east-west aircraft crossing of North Atlantic September 1930. Built Short Calcutta flying-boat under license during 1930s as Breguet Bizerte. Breguet elected not to be included in nationalized industry 1936; his factories were, however, incorporated.

Les Mureaux, CAMS, and part of Breguet formed SNCAN in 1938.

Regained some independence in 1939 through purchase of former Latecoere factories. Avions Marcel Dassault became major stockholder June 28,1967. Anglo-French company Societe Europeenne de Production de I'Avion Ecole de Combat et d'Appui Tactique (SEPECAT) formed between British Aircraft Corporation and Breguet Aviation 1966 to design and develop tactical support/advanced trainer. Built four 941 unpressurized cargo/passenger transports, which used deflected slipstream technique to give STOL capability, for French Air Force trials. Breguet Type 1150 Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft selected by NATO, with prototypes ordered 1959; production aircraft built internationally by Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, and U.S.A..

Avions Marcel Dassault had merged with Breguet Aviation on 14 December 1971 to become Dassault-Breguet Aviation.

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