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Breda Ba.15

The Italian Air Ministry put forward a programme for the encouragement of Civil Aviation, with the result that the " light 'plane ", or medium-powered touring aeroplane, as it is classed in Italy, received a large share of attention from aircraft designers. Several were produced by various firms in Italy, among them the Breda Co., with the Breda 15.
The Breda 15 is a high wing monoplane, equipped with an 85 h.p. Walter air-cooled radial engine, although other power plants of similar horse-power can be installed. It is a two-seater tandem machine with an enclosed roomy cabin, formed by extending the top of the fuselage from the tail up to the level of the wings, the roof, front and sides, in the vicinity of the seats being composed of windows. The seats are designed that parachutes can be carried without discomfort. Access to the cabin, which is 2 ft 3 in. wide, and 4 ft. high, is by way of two doors in the side of the fuselage. Empty weight is 926 lb.
Construction is a combination of wood and steel tubing, emboding several features of previous Breda practice, incorporating many interchangeable parts. The wing has a factor of safety of 7. The incidence of the ailerons may be varied independent of and without interfering with their normal duties of lateral control.
The Breda patent dual control is fitted, in which the pilot, who normally occupies the rear seat, can disconnect the front controls during flight.
The cabin instruments include air speed indicator, revolution counter, compasses, altimeter, petrol and oil gauges, fire extinguishers, etc. Complete equipment for night flying is also fitted, including the regular four navigation lights, landing head light and cabin lighting, all supplied by a dynamo with " buffer " battery.
Gloster modified one Breda 15 with a variable-camber wing.
1928 2-seat tandem high-wing monoplane light cabin a/c, 10.80 span
Engines: Cirrus III, DH Gipsy, Colombo S.63, Walter Mars, IF Asso
Ba.15 idro
Desig. for 1928 Ba.15 versione idro mounted on twin floats
1937, I-APOL, I-AAAR
New elliptical wing; Walter 85, Venus, Colombo 118, 115 hp IF 8T
Ba.15S idro
1931 twin-float equipped Ba.15S
1933 improved version, I-ACQB, I-ACQD, I-ACQE, I-ACQS

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