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Bratukhin B-10



Also designated VNP (Vozdushni Nabludatyelnii Punkt - aerial observation point), its original role was to replace the AK in artillery spotting. The Bratukhin helicopter had become larger and potentially more capable and the VNP was to be a multi-role machine able to fly recon, tactical supply and even casevac missions. Engines were fully boosted AI-26 version, and dynamic parts were essentially the same as the B-9. Wings were of the same plan and section as the B-9 but with a pair of bracing struts from the bottom of two main-spar frames in the fuselage to the spar booms at 60% semi-span, and two bracing struts from the upper spar booms at same location to the top of rotor masts. The fuselage was an entirely new dural monocoque with a glazed nose seating the pilot on the left and navigator on the right under a large observation dome. An was also in the tail, again with large observation dome. A new tail with a variable-incidence tailplane mounted on the fuselage carrying endplate fins(latter possibly rudders). Usual four-wheel landing gear. The central fuselage was available for additional loads: three passengers, or two stretchers (room for more but weight-limited) or 200kg cargo or various radio or photographic equipment. Entrance door on left.

A single example was built and flown 1947. Behaviour was satisfactory, and complete performance measurements were taken. Later fitted ShKAS at nose and tail. At the time on the 'decision-making level' attention was shifted to competing schemes of helicopters (under influence of Western designs). Despite B-10 was performing well, it failed to catch any interest in the 'High Circles'.

According to Shavrov 1947-48 saw general disillusionment with helicopters and especially with twin lateral rotor configuration.

Engine: 2 x AI-26GRF, 575hp
Rotor diameter: 10.0m
Take-off weight: 3900kg
Empty weight: 3019kg
Max speed: 218km/h
Service ceiling: 6550m
Hovering ceiling: 2200m
Range: 440km
Crew: 3
Passengers: 2-3




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