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Bratukhin B-5


A scaled-up derivative of the G-4, with slightly more powerful model of same engines.

The first helicopter designated for Bratukhin himself, the transmission and other dynamic parts were identical but the new airframe had a lifting aerofoil wing instead of space-frame outriggers and large passenger fuselage.

Designed as a duralumin semi-monocoque (not steel tube as has been reported) with a level floor and door on the right side. A total of 7 seats, intended as two crew and 5 passenger seats, with an aisle along the right wall. Wings were also of light-alloy stressed-skin construction with lifting profile to carry about 25% of the weight in cruise. Fixed tricycle gear with bumber tail-wheel.

A single example was completed in 1947 powered by supercharged version of the AI-26GR engine, but only limited testing was undertaken because of inadequate wing stiffness.

Engines: 2 x AI-26GRF, 550hp
Rotor diameter: 10.0m
Take-off weight: 4032kg
Empty weight: 2932kg
Max speed: 236km/h
Service ceiling: 6400m
Hovering ceiling: 2280m
Range: 595km
Crew: 2
Passengers: 5


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