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Brantly Helicopter Industries

Founded by N. P. Brantly, who designed the Brantly B-1, with co-axial rotors, in 1943. From this design he developed the improved Model B-2, using the rotor evolved for the B-1, a two-seat helicopter which first flew on August 14,1956. Subsequently entered production as Model B-2A, superseded by B-2B in 1963. Larger Model 305, a five-seat aircraft, first flew in January 1964. Company acquired by Lear Jet Industries Inc in May 1966.

The Brantly helicopter interests, which had been acquired by Lear Jet Industries in 1966, passed to in 1969, and to Brantly Operations Inc in late 1970. On January 1, 1975 Michael K. Hynes founded Brantly-Hynes Helicopter Inc., having gained ownership of the Brantly interests, later becoming just Hynes Helicopter as division of Hynes Aviation Industries Inc. Production of Model B-2B two-seater and Model 305 five-seater continued. Rights to helicopters acquired by businessman James Kimura from Hynes Aviation Industries 1989, forming Brantly Helicopter Industries.


Brantly Intrnational
Wilbarger County Airport
12399 Airport Dr
TX 76384 Vernon




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