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Borovkov-Frolov I-207


borovkov-frolov i-207

In 1937, Aleksei A Borovkov and Ilya F Florov established an experimental design bureau as OKB-7 with the object of creating the smallest possible practical single-seat fighter. The first prototype was completed before the end of 1937, and was a staggered cantilever biplane with duralumin skinned light alloy wings. The fuselage was of mixed construction (the forward portion being a duraluminskinned welded steel-tube structure and the aft portion, which included the cockpit, being a wooden monocoque with plywood skinning) and wooden tail surfaces. Power was an 850hp Mikulin M-85 14-cylinder radial. Favourable test results led to two further refined prototypes being built as I-207s, these having Shvetsov M-62 and M-63 engines respectively and each carrying an armament of four 7,62-mm ShKAS machine guns.


A pre-production series of four I-207s was ordered in 1938, one being powered by the 1,100hp M-63 nine-cylinder radial, two having the 1,000hp M-62 nine-cylinder radial and the fourth having a geared M-63R engine and a side-hingeing cockpit canopy, all having retractable main undercarriages. The I-207/M-63 attained a speed of 298 mph (480 km/h) at 14,765 ft (4 500 m) during State Trials in the summer of 1939, but the appearance of more advanced fighters resulted in the 1-207 being discarded. Both I-207/M62s were allegedly employed operationally against the Finns during 1939-40.

Engine: 850hp Mikulin M-85 14-cylinder radial

Engine: Shvetsov M-62
Armament: four 7,62-mm ShKAS machine guns.

Engine: Shvetsov M-63, 1000hp
Wingspan: 6.98 m / 23 ft 11 in
Length: 6.34 m / 21 ft 10 in
Height: 3.46 m / 11 ft 4 in
Wing area: 18.00 sq.m / 193.75 sq ft
Take-off weight:    1879 kg    / 4143 lb
Empty weight: 1521 kg / 3353 lb
Max speed: 298 mph (480 km/h) at 14,765 ft (4500 m)
Cruise speed: 405 km/h / 252 mph
Ceiling: 10200 m / 33450 ft
Rate of climb: 1087 m/min / 3550 ft/min
Range: 640 km / 398 miles
Crew: 1
Armament: four 7,62-mm ShKAS machine guns.

Pre-production I-207
Engine: 1,100hp M-63 nine-cylinder radial
Number built: 1
Undercarriage: retractable main

Pre-production I-207
Engine: 1,000hp M-62 nine-cylinder radial
Number built: 2
Undercarriage: retractable main

Pre-production I-207
Engine: geared M-63R engine
Number built: 1
Undercarriage: retractable main


borovkov-frolov i-207ld


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