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Aero Sp Gobosh G700


The G700 is an Americanised version of Aero designer Tomasz Antoniewski’s certified AT-3.
To qualify the all-metal Gobosh G700S as an LSA, the wingspan was increased and among other things for the US market, the addition of winglets.
Even the least expensive model, the Sport Edition, includes the standard six instruments, Garmin GPS and transponder, wheelpants and leather seats. They all feature dual controls and mechanically operated split flaps.


The former Gobosh G700 lives on as the Aero AT-4, distributed by Aero AT USA of New Hampshire, in 2012. The AT-4 is made in Poland by Aero Ltd., the all-metal LSA derives from the AT-3, which was certified at a higher gross weight. AT-4 base price 2012: $105,550.
Aero AT-4


Gobosh G700S
Engine: Rotax 912S, 100 hp    
TBO: 1500 hr
Prop: Elprop 3 blade composite    
Cabin width: 41 in
Fuel cap: 18.5 USG        
Full fuel payload:    390 lb
LSA MTOW: 1320 lb            
Empty wt: 820 lb
Useful load, std: 500 lb             
Max cruise speed: 116 kt
Vso: 39 kt            
Best rate of climb, SL: 850 fpm
Takeoff ground roll: 380 ft            
Landing ground roll: 686 ft
Base price 2009: US$106,950 to $123,900

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