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Blackburn 2F.1 Nautilus


A two-seat shipboard fighter-reconnaissance aircraft designed by F A Bumpus to Specification 0.22/26, the Nautilus was of all-metal construction with duralumin and fabric skinning, and was flown for the first time in May 1929 with a 525hp Rolls-Royce F.XIIMS 12- cylinder liquid-cooled engine. Armament comprised one forward-firing 7.7mm Vickers gun and a Lewis gun of similar calibre on a ring mounting in the rear cockpit. Other contenders for the contract were the Short Gurnard, the Fairey Fleetwing and a navalized version of the Hawker Hart. After competitive trials during the autumn of 1929, the Hart was selected for production as the Osprey. Only one Nautilus prototype was completed.

Engine: 525hp Rolls-Royce F.XIIMS 12- cylinder
Take-off weight: 2155 kg / 4751 lb
Empty weight: 1462 kg / 3223 lb
Wingspan: 11.28 m / 37 ft 0 in
Length: 9.65 m / 31 ft 8 in
Height: 3.30 m / 10 ft 10 in
Wing area: 42.55 sq.m / 458.00 sq ft
Max. speed: 248 km/h / 154 mph
Range: 603 km / 375 miles
Armament: one 7.7mm Vickers gun and one 7.7mm Lewis gun





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