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Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1


In 1929 the stock market collapsed. Berliner/Joyce set the 29-1 aside and concentrated on a more promising military contract for the XFJ--1, a Navy carrier fighter contract they had gotten in May of that year.

The first military design of the new Berliner/Joyce Aircraft Co. was the XFJ-1. Bristol Fighter influence was carried over into the single seater fighter by dropping the lower wing to reduce wing interaction.

The upper wing of the XFJ-1 was gulled into the fuselage and the lower wing was dropped sixteen inches below the fuselage. The XFJ-1 did not earn a production contact for Beliner/Joyce. The lower wing, so near the ground, created so much turbulence that it was difficult to keep the airplane from ground looping.

When the Navy lost interest in the XFJ-1, Temple Joyce attempted to interest the Air Corps in it. Fitted first with an anti-drag ring and later with wheel pants, it had a top speed of 193mph.

In the same year that the XFJ-1 was tested, 1930, Berliner/Joyce came out with the OJ-2.

Engine: P&W Wasp, 450 hp. Top speed: 193mph.



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