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Bensen B-20 Kopter



Take-off and flight of the Kopter is under full piston-engine power. Takes off at 30 mph. Cruises at 60 mph, with a high speed of 85+ mph. Climbs at 1,000 fpm and will reach an altitude of 12,000 ft. Engines of as little as 35 hp may be used (with reduction drive), or up to 80 hp. If flown as an ultralight, the B-20 is free of licensing or certification requirements.

The B-19 may easily be converted at any time to the powered B-20, as is fully detailed in the same Construction Plans.

Engine (original): McCulloch 4318
Horsepower Range: 45 to 70
Height: 6 ft
Length: 10½ ft
Width: 5½ ft
Empty Weight (minus engine): 150 lbs
Empty Weight (with engine): 230 lbs
Gross Weight (max): 530 lbs
Payload Weight: 300 lbs
Rotor Diameter: 21 ft
Rotor Chord: 7 in
Disc Loading: 1.53 lbs/sq ft
Maximum Speed: 90 mph
Airframe construction: welded steel tubing
Control System: joystick; rudder pedals
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Take-off Speed: 30 mph
Rate Of Climb: 1,000 fpm
Maximum Altitude: 12,000 ft

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