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Bensen B-19



Towed by car, the B-19 becomes airborne at about 23 mph. Flight is completely pilot-controlled, limited only by the length of the tow cable. By adding a cable release, once airborne the pilot may free the craft for unrestricted soaring.

The B-19 may easily be converted at any time to the powered B-20, as is fully detailed in the same Construction Plans.

Engine (original): McCulloch 4318
Horsepower Range: 45 to 70
Height: 6 ft
Length: 10½ ft
Width:  5½ ft
Empty Weight (minus engine): 150 lbs
Empty Weight (with engine): 230 lbs
Gross Weight (max): 530 lbs
Payload Weight: 300 lbs
Rotor Diameter: 21 ft
Rotor Chord: 7 in
Disc Loading: 1.53 lbs/sq ft
Maximum Speed: 90 mph
Airframe construction: welded steel tubing
Control System: joystick; rudder pedals
Cruise Speed: 60 mph
Take-off Speed: 30 mph
Rate Of Climb: 1,000 fpm
Maximum Altitude: 12,000 ft


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