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Bensen B-7

From the B-5 Gyro-Glider factory-built prototype of 1954, Bensen evolved the B-6 and B-7, and from these has come the standard production model the B-8. This has a somewhat more sturdy construction and is available as a factory-built machine or in kit form for amateur construction. Two water-borne versions of the B-8 are also available: the B-8B Gyro-Boat which has a boat-type hull and twin outrigged stabilising floats, and the B-8W Hydro-Glider mounted on twin floats.

In 1955 Bensen placed an engine in the B-7 and renamed it the B-7M ("m" for motorised). The B-7M flew for the first time on 6 December 1955. Two years later, in 1957, the B-7M was upgraded to include, among other refinements, a McCulloch 72-hp pusher engine.

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