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Bellanca 14-9 Cruisair


Cruisair 14-13

The original Model 14-9 Bellanca Junior, later re-named the Cruisair, started life with a 90-hp LeBlond radial engine and 140 square feet of wing area. Later versions, such as the Models 14-13 and 14-14 developed in the early '40s, had Franklin powerplants and a healthy 161 square feet of the Bellanca B airfoil. In 1952, a 190-hp Lycoming was mated to the Cruisair's tubular steel fuselage and the Model 14-19 Cruisemaster was born. Seven years and a new manufacturer later, the design was resurrected, modified to accommodate the 260-hp Continental IO-470 and designated the Model 14-19-3. Although a tri gear and a swept vertical stabilizer characterized subsequent Bellanca evolutions, the wing, with its Sitka spruce spar, mahogany skin and 161 square feet, remained basically unchanged except for some strengthening to accommodate the higher gross weights of the updated aircraft. In 1967, a 300-hp Continental IO-520-D installation transformed the Bellanca design into a Viking.

14 Cruisemaster
A low-wing, retractable four-seat monoplane with a good reputation for speed and lifting ability. The wooden wing tended to keep sales down and only 700 or so were built before the Cruisemaster design was updated with tricycle gear, swept fin, and a new name the Bellanca Viking.

Northern Aircraft Inc purchased from Bellanca all rights, jigs and tooling for the Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster four-seat lightplane. The Bellanca Model 14 was one of the classic lightplane designs, since built by several manufacturers. First production of the Northern Cruisemaster started in October 1956. Northern also supplied spares, support and modification kits for Republic Seabee amphibians after a merger with the American Aviation Corporation.

14-13-2 Cruisair


Four-seater first flown November 1945


Circa 1947. Fabric fuselage, controls and wings.
Engine: 150 hp.



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