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Wright-Bellanca WB-1



In 1925, Bellanca went to work for the Wright Aeronautical Corporation of Paterson, NJ. His assignment there was to develop an aircraft around the new Wright Whirlwind engine. He already had a design in mind, which was an improved version of the CF, called the CG. This design evolved into the Wright-Bellanca WB-1.
First flying in September 1925 piloted by Lt Fred Becker, the WB-1 enjoyed a short, but successful flying career. The aircraft had already won one race and efficiency contest at the 1925 Nationals, piloted by Becker, before an untimely accident destroyed the craft during preparation for an attempt to break the world's non-refueled endurance record. It was destroyed in a crash-landing during speed and payload trials in 1926 at Curtiss Field, seriously injuring Becker.
At the time of the crash, Bellanca was already working on an improved version of the WB-1 designated the WB-2.
Engine: Wright J-4, 200 hp
Wingspan: 45'0"
Length: 24'9"
Useful load: 1440 lb
Max speed: 132 mph
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Seats: 5






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