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BD-Micro Technologies Smart-1

BD-Micro Technologies Freedom Jet


The Freedom Jet, now known as SMART-1, was available only for military shows in conjunction with test and evaluation activities. These aircraft are experimental - research and development category, and were not available for sale to the general public.

Renamed as the Small Manned Aerial Radar Target, Model 1 (SMART-1), the tiny jet aircraft that have been performing air shows for the last quarter century have been "drafted" by the military. Its small size, maneuverability, and manned features, plus dependability and economy make the aircraft a threat representative and support system for new system research, design and development.

The aircraft is equipped with long range fuel tank, UHF data transmission antenna, TSPI data transmission and recording, and is transportable by road or air cargo.

Thrust - 300 lbs.
Wing Span - 17 feet
Length - 12 feet
Empty Weight - 465 lbs.
Gross Weight - 1,150 lbs.
Maximum Speed (Sea Level) - 250 knots T.A.S.
Minimum (Stall) Speed at Full Gross Weight - 72 knots
T.O. Distance - 2,500 feet (S.L.)
Maximum Range - 325 n.m. (160 knot economy cruise)
Dash Range - 240 n.m. (250 knots)
Maximum Operating Altitude - 24,000 feet



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