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Bartini Er-2

Military version by V.G.Ermolaev. First flown June 1940. 128 were built to July 1941. All metal midwinger with "inverted seagull" wing, twin-tail. 3-wheel gear with tail wheel.


Er-2 2  xAM-35, April 1942.

Er-2 2 x ACh-30B, December 1943, 300 were built. 3 x 1000kg bombs. Max speed 446km/h. Range 5000km.

Engines: 2 x Klimov M-105, 1050hp
Max speed 491 km/h.
Practical ceiling 7000 m.
Range 4000 km.
Empty weight 6500 kg.
Max takeoff weight 11920 kg.
Wing span 23m.
Length 16.34m.
Wing area 72 sq.m.
Armament One 12.7 mm machinegun "UBT" + two 7.62mm ShKAS, up to 1000kg bombs.
Seats 4.


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