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Avia M 137 / M 337
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M 337

The Avia M 337 (originally designated the Walter M337) is an inverted six-cylinder air-cooled inline engine. It was developed as a six-cylinder derivative of the four-cylinder M 332 engine, going into production in 1960. An unsupercharged version of the M 337 is designated M 137. Production transferred to Avia in 1964, and to Letecke Opravny Malesice (LOM) in 1992.


M 337A
Basic supercharged engine - not rated for aerobatics

M 337R
Modified for pusher installation

M 337AK
modified oil system for unlimited inverted flying. "Snap" aerobatics permitted.

M 337AK1
AK fitted with alternator instead of generator

M 337B
Increased max running speed (3000 rpm) - increased power - 173 kW (235 hp).

M 337BK
Aerobatic version of B.

M 337C
Increased compression ratio - 185 kW (252 hp)

M 137A
Unsupercharged version of M 337 - 134 kW (180 hp) take-off power. Aerobatics allowed.

M 137AZ
As M 137A, with filtered air feed

Falconar SAL Mustang
Let L-200 Morava
Zlín Z 526, Z 726
Zlín 142
Zlín Z 43


M 337
Type: 6-cylinder inverted air-cooled supercharged inline engine
Bore: 105 mm (4.13 in)
Stroke: 115mm (4.53 in)
Displacement: 5.97 L (364.3 in³)
Length: 1,410 mm (55.51 in)
Width: 472 mm (18.58 in)
Height: 628 mm (24.72
Dry weight: 148 kg (326.3 lb)
Valvetrain: two camshaft operated valves per cylinder, sodium filled exhaust valve
Supercharger: Centrifugal
Fuel system: Low-pressure fuel injection
Fuel type: Min 72-78 Octane
Oil system: Dry sump pressure feed system
Cooling system: Air-cooled
Power output: 157 kW (210 hp) at 2,750 rpm (take-off)


Aerotecknik M137A
Cycle: supercharged 4
No cylinders: 6 inline
Bore: 105 mm
Stroke: 115 mm
Compression: 6.3
Displacement: 5970 cc
Cooling: Air
Ignition: Double magneto
Drive: Direct
Weight: 147 kg
Max pwr: 180 hp at 2750 rpm
Fuel consumption: 43 lt/hr






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