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Aeronca E-113 / O-113
JAP J-99

Aeronca-JAP J-99

The E-113 was a small flat-twin, air cooled, piston engine developed by Aeronca for use in some of their light aircraft. First run in 1936, it was a development of the E-107.

Originally fitted with a single ignition system, this was uprated to dual ignition when changes in FAA regulations made this mandatory in 1939. By that time, however, both the engine and the aircraft that it powered were facing obsolescence. Altogether, some 1,800 examples were built by Aeronca and JA Prestwich (under licence as the JAP J-99).



Standard production model delivering 36-45 hp (26.85 - 33.56 kW)


ATC 71
E-113CUprated engine delivering 40-45 hp (29.83 - 33.56 kW)

ATC 189

Aeronca-JAP J-99
The E-113-C was license built in England as the Aeronca-JAP J-99 by J A Prestwich Limited (JAP) and powered several British aircraft types, differing from the E-113 by being fitted with dual ignition.

Engines fitted to impressed aircraft were given the designation O-113.



Aeronca C-3
Aeronca K
Welch OW-6M


Aeronca 100
Aeronca 300
Britten-Norman BN-1
Currie Wot
Dart Kitten
Hants & Sussex Herald
Heath Parasol
Hillson Praga
Luton Minor
Peterborough Ely
Slingsby Motor Tutor
Taylor J.T.1
Tipsy Junior

Type: 2-cylinder air-cooled horizontally opposed aircraft piston engine
Bore: 4.25 in (107.95 mm)
Stroke: 4 in (101.6 mm)
Displacement: 113.49 in³ (1.86 L)
Dry weight: 118 lb (54 kg)
Power output: 36-40 hp (26.9-29.8 kW) at 2,400-2520 rpm
Compression ratio: 5.1:1


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