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Keane K-1
The 1919 K-1 biplane was designed by Alexander Klemin (Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, NYU) and N W Dalton. The prototype had a Ford T motor. The K-1 featured four "self-aligning" I-struts and all-wood frame.
Manufactured at the ACE Flying Field in New York City's Central Park, it was one of the first planes to be built on an assembly line, primitive as it was. Sell for $2,500, eight were built. One made the national press when it landed on Clay St in Oakland CA as a publicity stunt on 1 December 1920.
The 1920 version was modified with beefed-up struts, redesigned fuselage with enclosed motor, and folding wings. These sold for $3,000.
Circa 1920 the inventory and manufacturing rights to ACE K-1 were acquired by Horace Keane, (sales office) 280 Madison Ave, NYC, (plant) North Beach, Long Island NY. Photos of the plane appeared in some Keane ads.
In 1931 Ace produced two, with Salmson AD-9 [952Y] c/n 1, and LeBlond 5D [953Y] c/n 2, registered as Ace 300 and 200 respectively. One located and restored in California 1955 [N69097].
Engine: Ford T, 40hp / 30 kW
Wingspan: 28 ft 4 in / 8.64 m
Length: 18'0"
Useful load: 225 lb
Max speed: 63 mph / 101 km/h / 55 kn
Cruise: 55 mph
Stall: 30 mph
Range: 160 mi / 139 nmi / 257 km
Seats: 1
1920 K-1
Engine: Ford T, 40hp
Wingspan: 25'0"
Useful load: 235 lb
Max speed: 80 mph
Stall: 32 mph
Ace 200
Engine: LeBlond 5D
Registration N953Y
c/n 2
Ace 300
Engine: Salmson AD-9
Registration: N952Y
c/n 1

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