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Worldwide Ultralite Industries Spitfire

Spitfire II

The Spitfire has a centre mounted joy stick, rudder pedals, tail wheel steerable through rudder pedals. The Spitfire II is a side-by-side two place version.

Engine: Kawasaki 440A
Wing span: 30’
Wing area: 154 sq.ft
Max wt: 550 lbs
Empty wt: 250 lbs
Stall: 19 mph
Cruise: 60 mph
Vmax: 63 mph
Climb rate: 850 fpm
TO run: 100 ft
Ldg roll: 100 ft

Spitfire II
Engine: Rotax 503, 53 hp
Prop: 6-foot wood Worldwide
Landing gear: Tricycle
Wingspan 30’
Wing area: 154 sq.ft
Empty to 330 lb
Gross weight 720 lbs
Cruise speed 60 mph
Stall speed 25 mph
Vrnax 63 mph
Climb 500 fpm
Takeoff run 150 ft
Landing roll: 150 ft


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