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Winton Aircraft Sportsman


The Sportsman is the latest release from Col Winton on the Gold Coast who has been designing and building ultralights over the last nine years. The mid wing pusher comes either in kit form with or without the engine or complete and ready to fly. The sleek fibreglass body can be removed for maintenance or for those who like that airy feel, and the cantile-vered mid wing unbolts for trailering a channel section aluminium boom supports the tail “feathers”. This aircraft can use a Rotax engine in lieu of the VW unit.

Engine: VW 1400cc
Prop: 137cm x 71 cm pitch
Wing span: 7.6 m, 10.7 sq m
Length: 4.6m
Weight: 150 kg
Cruise speed: 70 kts
Stall: 30 kt


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