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Williams Third

After the Aeroplane Geoff Williams immediately commenced building a third aeroplane, a low wing monoplane also powered by a Volkswagen engine. This aircraft largely still existed in 2003 and was stored in Alex Armstrong’s hangar at Taieri in the form of the wings and fuselage. Also stoutly built, it was prone to be underpowered by the tired Volkswagen engine Geoff had two lucky escapes when it crashed due to lack of power. The first was while climbing up the Lindis Valley in Otago when he realised too late that the ground was climbing more rapidly than his aeroplane, and he was unable to turn because of the proximity of hills either side. His last flight was at Tarras when the plane crashed on take off, again because of lack of power. He never flew again, but resolved to build a fourth aircraft.

Engine: VW


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