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West Australian Aircraft Co / WAACO Staggerbipe


Reverse Stagger winged biplane, single seater, VW powered, 145 kg empty, stressed to +9, — 6 G’s. For possible restricted aerobatics. Three axis controls via full span ailerons, large rudder and elevator. Taildrag-ger configuration. Fully enclosed cockpit can be made semi-open by removing both doors. Fuselage is constructed with square hollow aluminium tubing, riveted, epoxied, and co-vered with ceconite. A 2 stroke engine option is available.


                                                                                                Courtesy Brian Creek
Max Kremke displayed the Staggerbipe, unfinished at Mangalore in 1984. Max originally had it on a composite landing gear spring that proved too soft and it was after that he substituted the CRMO gear legs.

It was finished and painted, blue with red and white accents, but possibly never flown but it appeared capable of flight. It had instruments fitted.
                                                                                                Courtesy Brian Creek
Circa 2018 LAME Brian Creek picked it up because of an interest in early aero engines. Installed was a Continental A40 engine, and the cowls suited the A40 - no sign of a VW installed ever. He did discover that the aircraft was first registered in 3/04/1988 and de-registered 22/04/2009. It appears to have never flown. 


Engine: VW 1300, 42 hp
Prop: 135cm x 84cm pitch
Wingspan: 6.1m top, 5.5 m lower
Length: 4.4m
Fuel capacity: 31 lt
Weight: 150 kg
Cruise speed: 65-70 kt
Stall: 28 kt


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