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Weedhopper of Utah JC-31 Weedhopper II

JC-31A Weedhopper II

The company's two-seater, which took over the 'Two' part of the JC-24BL's title and was dubbed JC-31A Weedhopper Two. At first reserved for dealers, it was later sold openly but without great success.

Weedhopper 2 place Standard Features
Full front windshield
Cushioned durable twin seating
Steerable Nosewheel- (From either seat.)
Center Stick Console  
(Can be flown from either seat.)
Composite Ground Ajustable  Prop -By Powerfin
Instrument Package
Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge
Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
Airspeed Indicator
Construction Type
Aluminum tube airframe with
Polyester-Dacron sailcloth wing coverings.

VNE: 75 mph.
Cruise: 55 mph
Stall: 28 mph
Range: 100 sm
Rate of climb: 400 fpm
Takeoff dist: 200 ft
Landing dist: 200 ft
Engine: Rotax 503, 50 hp
Fuel capacity: 2 x 5 USG
Empty weight: 340 lb
Gross weight: 840 lb
Length: 18 ft 6 in
Wing span: 28 ft
Wing area: 168 sq.ft
Height: 7 ft 1 in.
Seats: 2
Landing gear: nosewheel
Assembly time: 30 to 50 hours.
LSA: yes


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