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Watson Windwagon


The original Wind Wagon was built in Texas by Gary Wilson and was based on the Teenie Two and used the similar wing ribs that slipped onto the “C” spar. The fuselage was a tapered tube from the seat backward and from the seat to the firewall. The aircraft was equipped with tricycle undercarriage and a ½ VW.


1981 Watson Windwagon N3765H C/N 147


First flown on 19 April 1977 (N64614), the Windwagon measures 18 feet from wingtip to wingtip and it features all-aluminum construction with pop rivets. The tricycle gear are nonretractable, but the wings are removable for storage or transportation. The powerplant is a 900 cc half-Volkswagen modified engine and drives a four-blade propeller. On just two cylinders tip speed is 110 mph, and climb rate is 450 to 500 fpm. The wing features a Clark Y wing section with constant chord. There are con­ventional ailerons and no flaps. The fuselage is a conventional semimonocoque structure made from pop-riveted aluminum. Morry Hummel introduced a few changes.



1981 Watson Windwagon N3765H C/N 147


In 1980 full size plans were available for US$50.




Engine: ½ VW, 30 hp
Speed max: 140 mph
Cruise: 100 mph
Range: 200 sm
Stall: 40 mph
ROC: 400 fpm
Take-off dist: 250 ft
Landing dist: 250 ft
Service ceiling: 12,000 ft
Fuel cap: 4 USG
Weight empty: 273 lbs
Gross: 486 lbs
Height: 4 ft
Length: 13 ft
Wing span: 18 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: nose


Engine: VW, 35hp
Wing span: 18'0"
Length: 12'5"
Useful load: 210 lb
Cruise speed: 100 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Seats: 1





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