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Warner Sportster


The Sportster was a new design, open cockpit 2 place tandem. Two versions were built (the first, N269U, first flew on 18 April 1999), one with both seats open, one with the front seat open or covered and the rear a removable canopy. The Sportsters flew over 250 hours, and completed several cross country trials, spin testing, mild aerobatic testing. The Sportster also underwent a design stress analysis. The Sportster was designed to offer the taller/wider pilots an alternative. It keeps the same look as all the Warner line of aerocraft but the fuselage is stretched and widened to allow 6'5" tall pilots to fly in comfort. The Sportster was planned for kit only sales and no "plans only" option. 2009 kit price: US$16495. Engine options are 80-160hp.


The convertible Sportster – 5 minutes to change from 1 or 2 seat enclosed cockpit to 2 seat open cockpit.



Engine: Continental O-200, 100 hp
TBO:  1800 hours
Propeller: Wood
Wing Span: 28'6"
Wing Cord: 55"
Length: 21'4"
Height: 66"
Fuselage Width: 29"
Empty Weight: 817 lbs.
Max. Gross Weight: 1,320 lbs.
Useful Load: 504 lbs.
Fuel Capacity with Standard Tank: 14.5 USgals. (14 USgals. usable)
Fuel Capacity with Optional Tank: 29 gals. (28.5 USgals. usable)
Baggage Capacity: 100 lbs
Limit Loading: +6, -4 g's
Takeoff Distance: 350 ft
Landing Distance: 410 ft
Normal Cruise: 105-115 mph
Top Speed: 130 mph
VNE: 150 mph
Stall Speed: 48 mph
Rate of Climb, Sea Level: 1000 fpm
Fuel Consumption at Altitude: 6.3 USgph
Seats:  2, Tandem
LSA: yes


Engine: Lycoming O-290D, 120 hp
Wingspan: 26'0"
Length: 20'4"
Useful load: 650 lb
Cruise speed: 130 mph
Stall: 45 mph
Seats: 2, Tandem



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