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War Aircraft Replicas F4U Corsair


The half-scale Corsair is built around a plywood box core and covered with styrofoam and fiberglass. Plans have been produced for this and two other ½-scale World War II replicas by War Aircraft Replicas. All use the same common wooden fuselage box and wing spar construction in order to duplicate the various fighters aircraft. Polyurethane foam is shaped and covered with high-strength fiberglass cloth and laminating epoxy resin to form a rigid, yet light structure. Landing gears are of air/oil oleo type, with either electrical or manual retract and have a built-in emergency release. Engines vary from 65 hp to 125 hp, which accounts for variations in perform-ance. Authentic three and four bladed props are available.
Features fully retractable landing gear, sliding canopy, and detachable wings.

Wing twist 2 degree




Engine: Continental  O-200, Lycoming O-290-D, HCI 7 cylinder Radial
Prop: 60"dia 3 or 4 blade ground adjustable
Wingspan: 20'0"
Wing area: 70 sq.ft
Length: 16 ft
Tread: 7 ft
Empty Weight: 600-620 lbs
Max Gross Weight: 900-920 lbs
Fuel capaci-ty 15 USG
Wing Loading: 12lbs/sq ft
Cruise: 135 MPH @3.2 GPH
Max level speed: 165 MPH
Stall Speed: 55 MPH
Approach & Pattern Speed: 70-75 MPH
Take off Run: 800-1000 ft
Rate of Climb: 700 ft/min.
Endurance: 3-4 Hrs: 400 miles
Structural capability Aerobatic ( +/- 6 g's)
Landing roll 1200 ft
Seats: 1
Cockpit width: 24 in
LSA: yes


Engine: Continental O-200, 100 hp
Wing span: 6.1 m
MAUW: 544 kg
Empty weight: 417 kg
Fuel capacity: 53 lt
Max speed: 273 kph
Cruise speed: 217 kph
Minimum speed: 88 kph
Climb rate: 7 m/s
Seats: 1
Plan price (1998): $245
Wing span: 20'0"
Length: 16'0"
Useful load: 279 lb
Max speed: 170 mph
Cruise speed: 140 mph
Stall: 90 mph
Range: 400 mi





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