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War Aircraft Replicas (WAR)

The principle of the half-scale design was generated WAR Aircraft Replicas, Santa Paula, California, in 1973. The concept involves the use of a common-design wood fuselage box and spar structure. The desired contours to duplicate a particular aircraft are obtained by carving polyurethane foam that is covered with fabric and epoxy resin to form a structure stressed for + or -6g. By changing fuselage contours, using different engine cowlings and wingtips, and by shape changes to tail surfaces, a number of different aircraft could be copied.
The company fell into financial difficulties in the late 1980s following the death of its president, Peter Nieber, in the prototype P-51.
In 1996 the concept was revived by Carl E. Boenig of Tampa, Florida, when he formed WAR Aircraft Replicas of Florida to market some of the original plans.

1998-2008: War  Aircraft  Replicas
P.O.Box 79007
Tampa, FL 33619


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