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Umbaugh Aircraft

1957: (Raymond E) Umbaugh Aircraft Corp
Ocala FL.
Designed by Raymond Umbaugh in 1959 after he had built and sold several examples of single-seat cabin developments of the Bensen Gyro-Copter, Umbaugh Aircraft developed the Umbaugh Model 18 two-seat, jump-start autogyro which first flew in 1959. Limited production followed, including five aircraft assembled and tested by the Fairchild Corporation in 1960.
Had moved to Hagerstown MD, USA, but in 1962 ended operations.
In 1964 Air & Space Underwriters Inc, Munice, Ind, took over assets of the defunct Umbaugh Aircraft Corp in Florida, and moved production tooling to Munice where assembly of Umbaugh 18 gyroplane was to be completed. Air & Space drposited $350,000 with the Tamps Federal Court to pay outstanding claims, with another $100,000 set for another date.
In 1965 production of the U-18 was taken over by Air & Space Manufacturing and the aircraft was redesignated Air & Space U- 18A.






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