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Ultralight Soaring Magnum

This clipped wing, single-engine monoplane has kingpost and cable braced wings and a cruciform tail. Conventional three-axis controls have stick-activated ailerons and elevator, and rudder pedals. POWERPLANT: Twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled Kawasaki 440 with 2.4 reduction is mounted in the center below the wing. Drive shaft runs pusher prop of 50-inch hardwood. LANDING GEAR: Tricycle gear has 16-inch main wheels, wheel pants, a steerable nosewheel and disc brakes. Gear has adjustable torsion bar suspension.

Wingspan, 30 ft
Wing area, 170 sq.ft
Aspect ratio, 8.8
Empty weight, 180 lbs
Wing loading, 2.03 lbs/sq.ft
Fuel capacity, 5 USG
Engine displacement, 215cc
Rated HP, 20 hp


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